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Shorepower Technologies
Designing cutting-edge Electric Vehicle charging technology.
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Shorepower Technologies
Building a greener trucking industry today.
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Shorepower Technologies
Installing electrification, wherever you need it.
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Across the U.S.

Shorepower manufactures and operates transportation electrification equipment for: Truck Stops (TSE), electric Transport Refrigeration Units (eTRU) and Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), also known as electric vehicle charging stations. Shorepower Technologies is known best for its Truck Stop Electrification power services, which operate at over 1,800 parking spots at 60 U.S. locations. At these stops, long-haul trucks and refrigerated truck trailers can draw power from the grid, rather than idling their engines when parked.

Electricity is a clean, inexpensive power appliances used during rest periods, as well as engine block heating, trailer refrigeration, and more. Shorepower is popular with RVs for charging batteries or running overnight.

How Shorepower
Benefits You

Truck Owner or Fleet Operator

Save money and energy while on the road

Truck Stops or Travel Plazas

Boost customer visits and sales at your rest station

Citizens and Communities

Benefit local businesses, communities, and the environment


Shorepower works to secure a brighter, greener future for all

Find Products to
use with Shorepower

Shorepower supplies standard 110v AC and 208v power. You can use any off-the-shelf electric appliance to make life on the road comfortable and convenient: heaters, coffeemakers, microwave ovens, hand-held vacuums, chargers, and power tools, etc. Order cords and starter kits here.