Shorepower – Plug In and Save

To use Shorepower TSE you will need:

1) A heavy-duty 12 gauge extension cord to plug intoconnection cords the Shorepower pedestal. If you don’t have a heavy-duty cord with you, you can usually buy one at a Shorepower-equipped travel plaza (see a list of Shorepower locations). We also offer 100′ cords in our Store. We recommend 100′ cords for full size trailer trucks that back into the parking space.

2) Any credit card, gift card or Comdata card. We suggest creating an account to save time ordering in the future. To open an account or buy Shorepower:

Contact us through our website or call 1-888-841-3137 from any phone, 24/7. Or, visit the Shorepower kiosk on site.

Turn on the breaker and plug in when the light is green.

For extra help, go to the troubleshooting page or call 1-888-841-3137.

Helpful hints:

Caution: 12 volt appliances will not work. Use any off-the-shelf 110 volt appliance. 208V power is also available.

Don’t forget the switch the breaker ON at the power pedestal to start power.

Don’t forget to flip a GFCI in your cab in case power doesn’t start.

Instructions on how to buy Shorepower are also on the power pedestals.

Watch a Short Training Video

How do I cancel / modify the service before my time is up?

If you need to leave before your time has elapsed, just call us, visit our website or kiosk and modify the total number of hours you’d like using the transaction ID number. Hours are rounded up to the nearest hour (no partial hours).

What happens if the power goes out after I paid?

If there’s a storm or some other natural or technical issue that knocks out the power, we will refund you any and all hours that you’ve not used. Please call us as soon as possible to ensure the most accurate refund.

How do I get a receipt?

If you use our onsite kiosk, it will print the receipt out right there for you. If you use our website ( or toll free number (888-841-3137), we can email you a receipt. The best way to ensure you get a receipt is to use your Shorepower account when paying.

The kiosk did not print out my receipt (with transaction ID), how do I get a copy?

To get a copy of your receipt (with transaction ID) you can call our toll free number (888-841-3137) and provide your email address or cell phone number.

How do I add more Shorepower hours?

If the connection point is still live and you have more than 1 hour left, you can visit our website ( or call our toll free 24/7 number (888-841-3137) or use our onsite kiosk in conjunction with your transaction ID.

Can I buy less than an hour of service (i.e. 30 minute increments)?

No, we only sell in one hour increments.

I paid for the wrong Connection Point, how do I switch it?

Call our toll free number (888-841-3137) and let them know what happened. Please make sure to do it quickly to ensure the best credit possible.

How do I add value (recharge) my Shorepower gift card?

There two ways to recharge your Shorepower gift card. 1. Enter the convenience store with your cash and gift card and pay the clerk. They will call our toll free number (888-841-3137) and will recharge your card for you. Or you could call our toll free number (888-841-3137) directly and use your credit card to recharge the gift card.

Do I need an account to use Shorepower?

No, but if you do it will make it much easier for you to track your usage and charges for tax purposes. If you have any issues with the payment or usage we can solve the problem a lot faster, and you can earn rewards, points, and free giveaways.

How do I create a Shorepower account?

You can create a Shorepower account by visiting our website ( or by calling our toll free 24/7 number (888-841-3137). You CANNOT create an account via the onsite kiosk at this time.

What is a Connection Point?

Each Connection Point is represented by a letter on the pedestal. Connections A and B are 120V 20A outlets (household power), C is 120V 20A and D is 220V 30A (dryer or travel trailer plugs). You may also find a 460V reefer plug on some pedestals.

What can I plug in without tripping the breaker?

Small TV – approx. 3 amps

Cell phone charger – less than 1 amp

Laptop – approx. 1-3 amps

Microwave – approx. 10-12 amps

Block heater – approx. 12-16 amps

Small Fridge – approx. 2-5 amps