Shorepower – Plug In and Save

Truck Stop Electrification

Shorepower is an ‘energy vending machine’ that makes truck stop electrification (TSE) a convenient, money-saving
proposition for truck owners and drivers. The Shorepower system consists of the following components:

– Power Pedestal: The pedestal (pictured left) is a stainless steel, all-weather stanchion installed nearby (typically along the perimeter) truck parking spaces that delivers 120V – 208V (cab power) and 460V* (reefer) power.

– Payment and Control System: The heart of all facilities is the automated payment and control system. This allows Shorepower to complete each transaction remotely and deliver services to drivers, without requiring any on-site personnel.

– On-board cab kits: Drivers can begin using Shorepower by simply connecting a heavy-duty extension cord to the Shorepower pedestal after making an authorization call. More advanced installation kits include a cab mounted load center and wiring harness to power a full range of cab amenities including heating, A/C, and cooking and entertainment devices.


Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVSE)

Shorepower Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are designed to be highly visible and easily recognizable in parking areas. 

Standard Features:

– Input: 208-240v 2-pole, up to 100 Amps

– Output: Up to three (L1/L2 combo, two L2); 240v 40 Amp per receptacle

– Backlit outlets for nighttime visibility

– High-quality, durable brushed stainless steel; weather and tamper-resistant

– “Phone home’ with critical maintenance and error information to station owner

– NRTL (UL standard) / ETL Certification

– Lead time: 4-8 weeks from PO for items not in inventory

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