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is an ‘energy vending machine’ that makes truck stop electrification (TSE) a convenient, money-saving proposition for truck owners and drivers. The Shorepower system is an attractive value-added service for travel plaza operators and consists of the following components:

Power Pedestal

The pedestal (pictured left) is a stainless steel, all-weather stanchion installed nearby (typically along the perimeter) truck parking spaces that delivers 120V – 208V (cab power) and 460V* (reefer) power.

Payment and
Control System

The heart of all facilities is the automated payment and control system. This allows Shorepower to complete each transaction remotely and deliver services to drivers, without requiring any on-site personnel.
The Shorepower system drastically reduces operational costs providing a cost-effective solution to the end user as well as revenues to the host-site. Drivers will have the option of calling a toll-free number, using a kiosk or paying via their own laptop or smartphone. Currently, the most widely available and convenient option is the toll-free number. Drivers simply call 1-888-841-3137 and specify the desired location and connection number. Live support personnel then activates the services remotely.

On Board Cab Kits

Shorepower offers a range of cab comfort and efficiency packages for the driver. At its simplest the driver can begin using Shorepower by simply connecting a heavy-duty extension cord to the Shorepower pedestal after placing an authorization call.
More advanced installation kits include a cab mounted load center and wiring harness to power a full range of cab amenities including heating, AC, cooking and entertainment devices, as well as block heater. Most OEM truck manufacturers, including Volvo offer on board Shorepower compatible electrification modules.
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