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  • 7kw max output power – 32 amps
  • Voltage: 110V/ 220V AC ±10%
  • Display: 1.8″ LCD
  • RCD: Type A
  • 8-32A current adjustment
  • Input plug: NEMA 14-50
  • Output plug: Type 1 (J1772)

Smart portable EV chargers allow you to charge “on the go” from all types of sockets, including NEMA socket, UK 3Pin socket or industrial CEE socket. It has the new generation practical display that shows the charging current, voltage, power, and temperature. Teison portable chargers allow you to set the charging current according to the circuit breaker and ensure that the circuit breaker will not trip during charging. All portable chargers are equipped with protective elements to ensure the complete safety of the car and the charger.

Fast, Safe, Sexy. Charge your EV from a Single Phase outlet quickly without waiting all night to a charge. This high quality fast portable charger will get you charging faster and driving further. Remove the shackles of slow portable charging with the reduced charging time.

Portable plug-in chargers are designed for your convenience. This charger has a 32A plug and need to be connected to a 32A socket

This portable charger has variable settings meaning you can choose to select any speed you want between 6A and 32A at the click of a button.

How To Start Charging

1. Firmly insert the power plug into the outlet on the wall. Ensure the outlet socket has a Max charging current of no more than 32A. Short press the switch to select among 10A/16A/20A/24A/32A before inserting the charging plug

into the EV socket.

2. Insert the Type 1 plug into the inlet on the electric vehicle. Then you can short press the switch to check the charging time.

3. The device starts charging automatically after the green LED light begins to keep blinking.

How To Stop Charging

1. Disconnect the power plug from the outlet.

2. Disconnect the Type 1 plug from the vehicle inlet.

3. Put the charger away.

Good To Know

* This is a Mode 2 EV charging cable special for EVs with Type 1 inlets. Don’t use it for EVs with different inlet types.

* This cable has a precise internal structure. Any questions, please contact our Customer Service at the first time. Please don’t

take it apart without any professional technical support.

* Don’t use it in water.

* The product is only for EV charging. Please don’t use it in any other occasions, including hauling, binding and so on.

* Do not use the charger if the controller box is damaged.

* The device must be grounded.

* Do not use this device with an extension cord or an adapter.

* Mind the risk of electrical shock or burn.

* The device does not contain any user-serviceable parts.

* Please do not disconnect the plugs while the ev charger is charging the vehicle.

After Sales Service

Our premium portable chargers are of the highest quality and meet all safety standards and therefore come with a 1 year warranty for your peace of mind.