Shorepower – Plug In and Save

For Truck Stops

For Operators of Truck Stops and Travel Plazas:
Did you know that more than 20% of long-haul heavy-duty trucks are factory equipped for shore power connections? Moreover, most shore power users simply run an extension cord into their truck cab. They don’t need any special equipment at all. This means virtually any trucker can take advantage of Shorepower at any time!
Adding Shorepower systems to truck stops offers a new way to serve customers, improve loyalty, and create a new revenue stream. Shorepower offers attractive installation terms. If there are idling or noise restrictions in your vicinity, installing Shorepower may allow construction or expansion of your truck stop if the expansion is marked off as a “No Idling Zone.” Drivers tell us they prefer the quiet and clean air around their truck when parked with other quiet vehicles.

Your customers have three easy ways to order and pay for power without any assistance from your staff;

Customers can also start and stop the service without any staff assistance;

Shorepower provides truck stops with interior and exterior retail signs and directional signs;

Shorepower provides marketing, a video and users manual for staff instruction, and retailing materials;

Shorepower provides regular maintenance and emergency repair.

Learn about the growing network of Shorepower-equipped truck stops here, and see why Shorepower is increasingly the choice of truck drivers, owners, and fleet operators here.

To discuss the Shorepower options for your truck stop, contact Alan Bates at or call (503) 892-7345.