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Shorepower Saves Money and Improves Air Quality

Shorepower Technologies (formerly Shurepower) is currently deploying electrified parking across North America. Shorepower provides Truck Stop Electrification (TSE) as well as Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Shorepower TSE allows truck drivers to turn off their engines and plug into all weather electrical and communication outlets during mandatory rest periods. This reduces fuel costs, toxic exhaust emissions, maintenance costs and provides a better night's rest.

Shorepower now operates approximately 55 TSE locations in 30 US States, as of February 2013.  Read more about the Shorepower TSE system.

We have also deployed 100 electric vehicle charging stations around the US and Canada.

Shorepower Benefits Everyone

Everyone wins with Shorepower. Follow the links below to see the advantages. 

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Shorepower Research and Development

Shorepower Research and Development is the R & D unit of Shorepower Technologies. We are working on several new transportation technologies and projects in addition to EPS that promise greater energy efficiency and cleaner air.  Follow this link to learn more.