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Yet another consequence of unnecessary idling…stolen vehicles.

global news“On Christmas Eve, a Calgary woman learned a nasty lesson on the dangers of keeping her car running.

“While she stepped into the husky on Sun Valley Boulevard, a thief took off with her car.

“She showed up here and some lady she left her car running with the keys in there she ran in and some guy tried to take her car so she ran out and waved him down,” Dimitra Galiatsatos who witnessed it said.

“As she grabbed her car’s door handle, the thief drove away.

“I do it all the time! I do it all the time. I’m out this husky 10 maybe 15 times a day at least I will admit it I even do it with my children. In the car I will run inside the 10 seconds but you never think about your car getting stolen,” one woman in the area said.

“Last Sunday,  a woman left her SUV unlocked and running with her baby inside.

“A man drove away with the SUV but stopped when he realized there was an infant in the back seat.”

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