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Walpole bus company pays EPA settlement for idling

walpole_logoThe idling police seem to be getting more aggressive in certain states. More fines for idling in Massachusetts. Shorepower can help.

“Caught letting their engines run, Walpole-based bus contractor Michael J. Connolly and Sons settled with the Environmental Protection Agency, vowing to reduce idling times.

“Michael J. Connolly and Sons paid a $33,000 fine and promised to reduce idling times after the EPA observed them violating state and federal laws. Leaving their engines on for more than the five minute maximum, the EPA said Connolly acted quickly to correct the wrongdoing.

“According to the EPA, the bus contractors were seen leaving busses running in company lots in December 2013 and January 2014, violating the maximum idling times imposed on most vehicles. In addition to the fine, the company agreed in the May 6 settlement to enforce anti-idling rules such as training all drivers, posting anti-idling signs, performing periodic checks of school bus lots, and notifying all school districts of anti-idling policies.

“The violations were observed on multiple company lots in Mansfield, Natick, Sharon and Walpole.

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