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Using technology to put impaired drivers on ice — Be Safe Out There

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“Last week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) the latest step in its research efforts to develop technology that would make motor vehicles inoperative if drivers are determined to be impaired by alcohol – technology that is being aimed at commercial fleets as well.

“For starters, NHTSA’s own research shows that truck drivers are some of the most sober vehicle operators on our roads – you can click here to read more about that finding.

“More importantly, though, this research directly addresses the biggest ongoing cause of highway crash deaths and injuries in the U.S. Look at NHTSA’s 2013 highway fatality data, for example: out of the 32,719 people killed in vehicle crashes that year, some 31% – over 10,000 of them – died as a result of impaired driving.

“Even more disturbing, in 24% of those impaired driving fatality cases, the license of the impaired driver had previously either been suspended or revoked due to drunk and/or drug driving offenses.

“By the way, those 10,000-plus deaths are over twice the number of folks killed in large truck involved crashes; a number pegged at 3,964 in 2013, according to NHTSA’s data.”

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