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U.S. proposes tighter emission standards for big trucks


“The Obama administration proposed new rules on Friday to slash greenhouse gas emissions from heavy, long-haul trucks, a move to attack climate change that prompted a wary response from industry groups worried about the costs.

“The complex proposal from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency would apply to 18-wheel tractor-trailers, buses, delivery vans, beefy heavy-duty pickup trucks and other commercial vehicles. They are part of the administration’s broader effort to cut carbon dioxide emissions from the transportation and power sectors of the economy, and precede a new round of global climate change talks in Paris later this year.

“Transportation-related greenhouse gases are the second-largest source of emissions after power plants, accounting for roughly 27 percent of total emissions.

“Administration officials said the rules would reduce carbon pollution by 1.1 billion tons (1 billion metric tons), conserve 1.8 billion barrels of oil and cut fuel costs by $170 billion from 2018 to 2027. But the administration could accelerate targeted improvements as new fuel-efficient technology becomes available.”

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