Shorepower – Plug In and Save

Tesla Owners – How to Plug Into 208V Shorepower

Shorepower offers NEMA 14-30 receptacles for 208V charging power. Tesla owners, if you want to plug your Universal Mobile Connector (UMC 14-50) end into a NEMA 14-30 at a Shorepower-equipped truck stop, purchase the following $155 workaround:

50′ extension cord w/ 14-50 female end to plug into UMC:

Universal adapter to plug into the male end of the extension cord that allows you to use a 14-30:

* Note: If you are using this arrangement, you need to manually dial down the current on the Tesla to 24A. The car thinks the UMC is plugged into 14-50 and will default to 40A charging.

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