Shorepower – Plug In and Save

Shorepower Partners with AirFlow Truck Co.

The trucking industry is rapidly changing with technology improvements every year. Many companies are racing to find solutions that improve fuel economy and emission reduction.

At the forefront of this movement is Bob Sliwa, owner of Airflow Truck Company.  Bob is developing a super-aerodynamic and hyper fuel-efficient Class 8 rig, a complete tractor trailer integrated system utilizing innovative aerodynamic designs and materials.  The 2017 AirFlow StarShip will make its debut to the public in the third quarter of 2016. AirFlow’s BulletTruck (pictured  here) achieved 13.4 miles per gallon during coast to coast, real-world, revenue-producing runs. Mr. Sliwa drove the BulletTruck as an Owner Operator in 48 states throughout 2012, hauling Landstar freight on every trip leg. He loaded and delivered each of these approximately 50 revenue loads at the same loading and receiving docks that every other trucker uses. He fueled and slept at the same truck stops and rest areas, proving the “real-world” usefulness of the rig.

Shorepower is proudly partnering with Airflow to provide electric plug-in power during rest periods – for cab comfort and convenience – as the truck travels across the country.

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