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Shorepower is Member of the Month! Thanks Drive Oregon!

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“Our company has, of course, benefited directly from the Drive Oregon Matching Grant we were awarded earlier this year and are grateful for that support. Other than that, I’ve been most impressed by the strong industry network that Drive Oregon has created. Before its foundation, Oregon’s industry was a small, loosely bound group of firms working in the electric vehicle space. Now, we are a stronger, larger, and more united group of local, national, and global firms. Being able to network with these industry members has been incredibly valuable to my colleagues and I, opening up new partnership opportunities and keeping us in the loop on important trends. The regular monthly events, workshops, and other meetings hosted by Drive Oregon encourage a flow of information, resources, and ideas within the local industry community. I see Drive Oregon as the “glue” that pulls our Oregon industry together and helps us continue innovating to move electrification forward.”

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