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Setting the record straight with 60 minutes…

logo“Venture capitalist Vinod Khosla wrote an open letter to 60 Minutes and CBS in response to a Jan. 6 segment that argued that government and private investment has been frittered away on clean energy technology. The 60 Minutes story, called Cleantech Crash, drew derisive reviews from clean energy advocates, who said it was a biased and distorted view and misrepresented the investors’ record of sucessful innovation in the field. Khosla was featured in what he describes as an error-filled story.

“Kevin Tedesco, spokesman for 60 Minutes, responded in a statement: “While we respect Mr Khosla’s view, we are not in agreement with the points he makes about our story, which we began and ended with him and devoted much of to his ideas and to one of the companies he backs.

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