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New Fuel-Efficient and Safe Tires from Goodyear

truck“He explained the LHS and the LHD tires contain four rubber compounds in the tread area, with a sub-tread that helps reduce rolling resistance, as well as a cushion that helps adhere the tread package to the belt. There is also a tread shoulder compound that helps prevent scuffing and tearing.

Goodyear Truck“In 2013, an average fleet in America was running 120,000 miles on a tractor, and if you do the math at 65 cents, every tractor is buying about $78,000 on fuel a year. And if we can save you 1% on fuel costs that’s about $800 per truck per year. And we’re trying to save you a little bit more than that with the tires and it’ll start adding up.”

“…two identical trucks went onto the public highway for the test. They travelled from San Angelo to Abilene, Texas and back, making it a 120-mile round trip test.

“Clint Carrell, the testing supervisor at Goodyear said the trucks would be driving the same speed, 65 mph, and that fuel meters were installed on both tanks to monitor fuel consumption.

“At the end of the 120-mile trip, both trucks arrived back at the testing grounds and the data was presented to the attendees.

“When you get down to the end of the math, you save 3.3% of fuel,” said Buckham. “That’s $2,200 of fuel per year per truck.”

“In both demonstrations (which featured at least one trucking journalist alongside the driver) the truck with the Fuel Max tires coasted further than the truck with the competitive tires proving that the LHS And LHD tires had a lower rolling resistance and will help contribute to fuel savings, Goodyear claimed.”

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