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Michigan considering stricter truck idling laws.

download (1)Shorepower can help by providing electric alternatives.

“A bill in the Senate Transportation Committee would impose a statewide rule on idling.

“…the bill would limit affected vehicles to idling for no more than five minutes per hour. SB23 includes a provision that covers idling while trucks wait to load or unload. Owners of locations served by trucks would also be prohibited from causing vehicles to idle for more than 5 minutes while waiting to do business at the location.

“Violators of the proposed statewide idling rules would face $150 fines. Repeat offenses would result in $300 fines while subsequent offenses would be $500 fines.

“Advocates say that excessive idling is extremely detrimental to the state’s air quality, and costs businesses more money. The proposed restriction is touted as going a long way in making cleaner air more widely available.”
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