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Mayor of London to consider air quality impact of auxiliary engines

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“This will be the first time harmful emissions from secondary vehicle engines, such as on refrigerated trucks, will be measured and reported by a UK governmental body.

“Auxiliary engines are generally diesel powered and are currently unregulated, meaning they are disproportionately polluting. For example, despite its small size, the engine used to power refrigeration on trucks can emit up to 29 times more potentially carcinogenic particulate matter than a modern Euro6 diesel truck engine.

“The CO2 emissions caused by transport refrigeration units in London every year could be equivalent to a family car driving 447 million km – that’s almost 2.4 million laps around the M25 or 11,200 times around the world if all transport refrigeration units in London could be made zero emission, then it would save the same amount of particulate matter as taking 327,510 diesel cars off the city’s streets”

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