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Massachusetts School Bus Company Fined for Excessive Idling

search“Watch out idlers — they’re coming for you!

“Anti-idling laws on the federal, state, and local level are rapidly growing across the US in an effort to cut back on the billions of gallons of fuel that are wasted each year by idling vehicles.

“While it is difficult to patrol these idlers, especially on a local level, most states have laws against idling, with California taking the lead for the most codes and regulations.

“The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is also taking action against companies that violate federally-enforceable motor vehicle idling limits. The latest culprit – North Reading Transportation (NRT), a Methuen company that operates school buses and provides student transportation services in several Massachusetts communities.

“Under the settlement, the company will pay a penalty of $33,000 as well as…”

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