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Getting a charge out of work

imgres“Portland already has more electric vehicle charging stations per capita than any other city and it apparently aims to hold onto its lead.

“Fifteen Oregon employers signed onto theU.S. Department of Energy’s Workplace Charging Challenge last week during Drive Oregon’s seventh annual EV Roadmap conference.

“The workplace challenge aims to boost the number of U.S. employers that provide charging stations to employees who drive plug-in vehicles.

“Drive Oregon, Intel Corp., Portland General Electric, the state of Oregon and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 48 top the list of employers signing the challenge.

“By way of background, Portland leads the nation for EV charging stations, according to the recently released 2014 Clean Tech Leadership Index. The index, produced by CleanEdgeInc., a Portland based firm, reports Portland has 236 EV charging stations or 102.2 for every 1 million residents.

“No. 2 Seattle has 79.5 stations per 1 million residents.”

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