Shorepower – Plug In and Save

Eugene Register-Guard – September 2009

logo-register-guardThe Register-Guard writes about the funding received by Cascade Sierra Solutions, including the TSE grant co-awarded with Shorepower.

“The plan is to install 30 power “pedestals” at each of 50 truck stops nationally. The pedestals allow truckers to plug in for electricity while at rest — instead of idling to generate electricity. The electricity is crucial to truckers for heating and cooling their rigs; without it, truckers typically keep their engines running. The cost to plug in is $1 an hour — less than half the cost of idling for that amount of time — and the service includes “all the electricity they can use,” said Jeff Johns, branch manager for Cascade Sierra’s Coburg show room. That includes power for such amenities as a truck’s cable TV and Internet.”