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EPA and CARB Get Serious About Emissions

Air quality standards and enforcement for the trucking industry vary by state, with none more strict than California. Rules imposed by Air Resources Board are helping to improve air quality in very polluted areas of California.

Now, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is also stepping up to enforce the rules that are in place. One such example involves Estes Express Lines. Though these fines involved Diesel Particulate Filters, there are anti-idling laws that are also being enforced. Shorepower can help drivers avoid these fines by offering plug-in power.

Estes has admitted that between 2012 and 2014 it operated 73 trucks in California that were not equipped with DPFs and has agreed to pay a penalty of $100,000. It will also have to contribute $250,000 to a program geared toward educating people and companies about clean air programs in the state.

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