Shorepower – Plug In and Save

Electric Cord Reel Station Now Available

Introducing the Shorepower Cord Reel Station – electric power with convenient cord management for stationary trucks and heavy duty equipment at truck stops, fuel depots, rest areas, staging

areas, warehouses and anywhere trucks park for extended periods. Typically the spring-retracting reel is used for cab power or block/engine heat. The station’s robust design provides years of operation in harsh environments with relatively low maintenance. Optionally, these plug-in stations can track, control and allow payment for energy when tied into the back office system.

The Cord Reel Station is a semi-customizable, outdoor-rated enclosure constructed with high-grade steel. It is typically mounted to a concrete pad on a base plate. Shorepower Reel Stations can be configured for single or dual reel designs and the receptacle end type is specified by the customer.