Shorepower – Plug In and Save


logoThe future of trucking includes electricity, according to ground breaking idle reduction study

“This report documents the confidence that North American Class 8 trucking should have in pursuing Idle Reduction Solutions. The study team engaged the entire industry in the data that is presented here. Thanks to all of those who contributed to this important work.
Trucking Efficiency Trucking Efficiency is a joint effort between NACFE and the Carbon War Room to double the freight efficiency of North American goods movement by 2016 through the elimination of market barriers to information, demand and supply”

“Advantages of Truck Stop Electrification Systems
There are a number of benefits to selecting truck stop electrification as a strategy to reduce idling:
• Low cost
• Easy to use
• Long running time
• Recharges batteries
• Quality of life
The cost to plug into a typical electrified parking space with HVAC is about $2 an hour, which is less expensive than idling or than other anti-idling options. Most suppliers offer fleet discounts or loyalty  programs which reduces the cost per hour of use.
To operate the system all the driver needs is a window adapter that is provided by the TSE service
provider and a way to pay for the service. Once the driver pays for the service and installs the window adapter, he can select whether he wants heat or air conditioning and he can plug in his in-sleeper electrical devices. He can use the outside outlet to plug into the block heater.
Unlike some other anti-idling solutions, there is no limit to the length of time a truck can have access to electric power from an electrified parking space. The truck stop electrification with HVAC can also be used to keep the truck’s batteries charged. Truck stop electrification with HVAC brings the driver all the comforts of home. Heat and air conditioning can be used as long as needed to keep the driver warm or cold. Temperature will remain steady throughout the entire time the driver is using the system so he or she will not be awakened by temperature spikes. This will help ensure a good night’s sleep, which is a key element to driver safety.”

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