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Land Line Magazine Features Shorepower

An article penned by Charlie Morasch highlights the opportunities and challenges of Truck Stop Electrification (TSE), including the ‘chicken-and-egg’ dilemma. “We’ve seen incremental growth in utilization but we’re far from being mainstream,” Alan Bates, vice president of marketing for Shorepower. “There is momentum, and there is interest in our service. But the big thing is… Continue reading Land Line Magazine Features Shorepower

Watch Daimler’s Self Driving Truck

Daimler is now testing the auto-drive truck on German roads and report it will be commercially available in 2020, five years from now. Fast forward to minute 17 in the video to see the start of the test drive and the ‘magic blue button’ that activates auto pilot.

Battery Health 101

Shorepower provides cab power/hotel loads that can also charge standard engine batteries, battery APUs, laptops, mobile phones, and anything else that contains a battery in your sleeper cab. It has been estimated that plugging into shore power on a regular basis can extend battery life by 20-30%.  Understanding the factors affecting battery life is vitally important for… Continue reading Battery Health 101

Shore Power Port Savings to Grow Significantly

It’s no surprise that electricity is cheaper and more efficient than internal combustion engines, especially when idling. Now, a new report from Navigant quantifies those savings. Shore power port electrification will yield significant savings in the coming years due to more incentives and tighter regulatory requirements in California and the European Union as well as… Continue reading Shore Power Port Savings to Grow Significantly

Reefer Market Will Grow to $7.1B by 2021

Globally, the refrigerated trailer market is projected to grow from $5.4B in 2014 to $7.1B by 2021. North America is the largest market for reefers, accounting for approximately 38.5% market volume share in 2014. The market is expanding due to various technological advancements and imposition of government regulation regarding safe refrigerated transportation of food. Likewise, the market for electric… Continue reading Reefer Market Will Grow to $7.1B by 2021

Find the Right Power

Have you ever tripped the breaker at a Shorepower pedestal? In some cases, the standard 20A breaker (Pockets A&B) may be insufficient for powering all of the appliances and HVAC in a truck cab. To ensure you have plenty of power, consider carrying a 30A adapter that will allow you to plug your standard 12-gauge… Continue reading Find the Right Power

Study Highlights Fleet Manager’s Interest in Electrification

According to the recently released 2015 Work Truck Electrification and Idle Management Study, where work truck fleet managers were surveyed: – A majority of responding fleets (54 percent) expect their electrification usage to grow in the next three years. – More than 80 percent consider idle reduction at least somewhat important to lowering operating costs.… Continue reading Study Highlights Fleet Manager’s Interest in Electrification

Electric Standby for Reefers Included In SmartWay-Verified Idling Reduction

Good news for reefer operators…in addition to Truck Stop Electrification for cab power, electric standby infrastructure for refrigerated trailers is now included under the EPA’s SmartWay “Verified Idling Reduction Technologies.” What does this mean? Plug-ins for reefers is included under the EPS/TSE category for idling reduction technologies. EPA’s SmartWay Technology program develops test protocols, reviews… Continue reading Electric Standby for Reefers Included In SmartWay-Verified Idling Reduction

Reefer Electrification Webinar (recording)

In case you missed our co-hosted webinar with California Air Resources Board on May 12, here’s the complete recording of the event which covered CA reefer compliance and the Shorepower turnkey electrification system.

Europe Electrifies Ports with Shore Power

Our name “Shorepower” literally comes from the description of power provided to ships from the shore – one of the earliest forms of transportation electrification and one that parallels the trucking industry. The cruise industry and the ports that serve them are now expanding infrastructure to allow these massive floating cities to take advantage of grid… Continue reading Europe Electrifies Ports with Shore Power