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Carrier offers new TRU Flex Fuel Option for Reefers

FleetOwner has written about Carrier, a worldwide leader in manufacturing and distributing of heating, ventilating and air conditioning imgres(HVAC) systems, as well as a commercial refrigeration and food service equipment industry, who has recently added a new flex fuel option.

“Carrier Transicold’s Vector trailer refrigeration units now have a dual-voltage option that allows them to operate in standby mode on either 460-volt or 208 to 230-volt electric service.  Vector is an all-electric trailer refrigeration system that incorporates a diesel generator for mobile operation and plug-in standby operation when parked.

“Called Flex Power, the new option will allow Vector units to tap into lower voltage outlets in distribution centers and other locations that do not have 460V available.  Cooling capacity is identical with either voltage level, according…”

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