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CARB now to allow retrofits for reefer rule compliance

landline mag logo“It isn’t every day that a California Air Resources Board staff member can tell truck owners they may be able to spend less money than expected to comply with a state emissions regulation.

“CARB’s Transport Refrigeration Unit Rule first began enforcing emissions upgrades under its LETRU standards in 2008 for 2001 and older reefers. Because the regulation enforces emissions upgrades seven years after the model year, Hill said many reefer owners who last upgraded to meet the Low Emission Transport Refrigeration Unit (LETRU) standard in 2008 will need to meet CARB’s ULETRU standard in 2015.

“Though many 2001 reefers may already have been replaced after so many hours of operation, Hill said CARB wanted produce haulers and other reefer owners to understand the compliance options in front of them before they invest in new equipment. Most importantly, Hill said, engine replacement is not a compliance option going forward.

“CARB estimates a Level 3 DPF retrofit for TRUs to cost $2,000 to $2,500 less than a reefer engine replacement.”

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