Shorepower – Plug In and Save

APU evolution: Changes in power needs, technology push vendors to up their game


“Anti-idling laws now are the norm across the country and are so firmly entrenched in the public’s mind that parked trucks with engines running – once so commonplace, they attracted little if any notice – stand out starkly in cities and neighborhoods.

“But for long-haul truckers, anti-idling laws created a big problem: Staying comfortable during off-duty hours. Various solutions were proposed, including Shorepower hookups that allowed truckers to plug into a local power grid – much like a boat in port.

“For many fleets, auxiliary power units were a better solution while offering more flexibility for drivers in the field and getting around the limited amount of Shorepower berths available in truck stops.”

“RigMaster customers have said their APUs save money and make living on the road more like living at home.”

“Parks Industries’ HP2000 series APUs are designed to be lightweight while enduring road shock and vibration.”

“Rolling Thunder’s Fuel-Less APU works by extending a power wheel to the roadway to capture kinetic energy. “

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