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The Green Heart Initiative: Using Air Quality Information to Reduce Adverse Health Effects in Patients With Heart and Vascular Disease

imgres“Millions of Americans are at higher risk from air pollution because of heart or vascular disease. These include more than 15 million with coronary heart disease, 5 million with heart failure, and 6.8 million with stroke.2 Despite significant national progress in reducing pollution during the past 4 decades, studies continue to show pollution-related adverse health impacts including premature death, hospitalization for unstable angina, myocardial infarction, heart failure, and stroke among people with established cardiovascular disease.3

“The most significant outdoor air pollutants of concern to patients with heart disease are particle pollution (also called particulate matter) and ground-level ozone. Particle pollution can form in the atmosphere from chemical reactions of emissions from power plants, industries, and motor vehicles, or it can be directly generated from fuel combustion…”

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