Shorepower – Plug In and Save

January 30, 2015

Do you know your plug in styles?

This is what Shorepower offers at truck stops…NEMA 5-20, NEMA 14-30, NEMA TT-30 (also called RV-30) and 460V reefer (TRU) power. You can visually see the plug style in the graphic below.

Consumer Reports: Portable Heaters

It’s cold in many areas of the country. Check out the Consumer Reports portable heater buying guide and equip your cab.

Severe Winter Weather in the East, Plug-In and Stay Safe!

With all the crazy winter weather hitting the east right now, make sure to check the driving conditions and plug-in when you stop so you can get a warm and restful nights sleep! Our sites out east are: (click on the site to map out directions) Parma Travel Center: Parma, MI Pilot Flying J Detroiter: Woodhaven,… Continue reading Severe Winter Weather in the East, Plug-In and Stay Safe!

Are Electric Trucks on the Horizon?

“Ian Wright left soon after Elon Musk took Tesla’s financial steering wheel in 2004, but now he’s back and determined to electrify a slow and ungainly automotive beast: the commercial truck. “Besides the fact that modern cars are already very clean, your average Toyota Camry driver only uses about 600 gallons a year, while a… Continue reading Are Electric Trucks on the Horizon?

“Hipster Tax” on Electric Vehicles in Atlanta

“At the federal and state level, lawmakers are often engineers who attempt to mold society through tax policy – discouraging disreputable habits with heavy levies. “Cigarettes and alcohol are often favorite targets. And now, so are Atlanta-centric bohemians. Here’s his description of a piece of the House transportation package announced Wednesday: * A hipster fee… Continue reading “Hipster Tax” on Electric Vehicles in Atlanta

Anti-Idling “Man on Emissions”

“George Pakenham, director-producer of the film Idle Threat, appeared in Chatham in January as part of the Eco-Film of the Chathams series. “Mr. Pakenham has approached more than 2500 drivers who had been idling for longer than 3 minutes and asked them to turn their engines off. “He reports a 78 to 80 percent success… Continue reading Anti-Idling “Man on Emissions”