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2013 Safe Truck Parking Survey

d4d3ec71-d968-4893-b99f-d680cdd678b1For all those who are concerned about the safety and well being of professional drivers, please share the link and take the survey.

“Truck drivers are providing a service. They are 1% serving the 99%, do we not have an obligation to keep them safe as we would our armed service members who serve overseas to protect us? Are we not obligated to provide them with safe haven when they have completed a day of service to our country?

“The goal of this survey is to bring awareness to the fact that there is significant lack of safe available commercial vehicle parking space, on or near interstates, for truck drivers who want or need to park.

“For over 20 years, safe available truck parking has been an issue for professional truck drivers. The situation has become more relevant as rest areas continue to close. Many times drivers are forced to drive either sleepy or park illegally on…”

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