Shorepower – Plug In and Save

August 13, 2009

Oregonian – August 2009 #2

The Oregonian writes about Cascade Sierra Solutions and Shorepower’s recent grant to install Truck Stop Electrification at 50 sites. Sandor Lau of Cascade Sierra is quoted: “Over 10 years, we’re estimating that the stations will save 35 millions gallons of fuel.”

Oregon Business – August 2009

Ben Jacklet of Oregon Business writes in his blog: One company worth keeping your eye on is Shorepower, a developer of truck stop electricity systems that was launched in New York in 2005 but has transferred its operations to Portland partly because of the green-friendly business climate here. Shorepower only employs five people currently, but… Continue reading Oregon Business – August 2009

Reuters News Service – August 2009

Peter Henderson of  Reuters writes about the EV charging industry. On fast charging: “That’s kind of a game changer because then you can do fast charging and it’s competitive with gasoline,” said Jeff Kim, president of privately held Shorepower Technologies, which already has charging stations at truck stops to run air conditioners on big rigs… Continue reading Reuters News Service – August 2009