Shorepower – Plug In and Save

September 22, 2008

The Oregonian – September 2008

The Oregonian ran a story about the unveiling of an electric charging station in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Lake Oswego, one of the first municipalities outside Portland to own a station, hopes to use it as a futuristic economic boost. The article goes on to discuss Brian Toye, “a Lake Oswego resident and real-life Jetson of… Continue reading The Oregonian – September 2008 Ranks Portland #1 – September 2008 ranked Portland the #1 most sustainable city. The SustainLane US City Rankings is a proprietary, peer reviewed, special feature that ranks the largest 50 US cities in terms of their sustainability practices. SustainLane’s rankings are the most comprehensive and credible benchmarking of the state of sustainability in America, and are covered by the Wall… Continue reading Ranks Portland #1 – September 2008

Portland Tribune – September 2008

The Portland Tribune announced the arrival of 5 new Shorepower charging stations in Portland, Salem and Lake Oswego. “Oregonians are on the leading edge of all things green and we expect Oregon will be one of the top markets for plug-in vehicles,” said Bill Nicholson, PGE vice president of customers and economic development. “When more… Continue reading Portland Tribune – September 2008