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Petition to Support Plug-in Infrastructure

Please sign our petition to support plug-in infrastructure throughout the United States… We need 50 more signatures!!

“Long-duration truck idling wastes nearly 700 million gallons of diesel fuel annually, along with associated emissions. Fuel constitutes the second largest expense for most trucking companies, behind labor. Unarguably, all trucking fleets improve their bottom-line by reducing idling. 

“Plug-in technology, also known as shore power, has been around for years in the marine and RV industries but is only now developing for long haul trucks. It is important the US trucking industry support grid-based power as an alternative to engine idling during federally mandated rest periods. Furthermore, when available, it is important that fleets use Truck Stop Electrification (TSE) where possible in an effort to reduce carbon footprint, save fuel, improve driver health, and restore local air and noise quality. TSE lets drivers get a better night’s rest by eliminating a loud, rattling engine and toxic fumes.   Grid-based power is far more efficient and cost-effective than idling an internal combustion engine. 

“Today, there are fewer than 100 truck parking locations in the U.S. that are plug-in capable (out of about 5,000 total locations). This notable lack of plug-in infrastructure makes it difficult for fleets to adopt on-board plug-in capable equipment on a wide scale. TSE infrastructure is critical for the trucking industry as a whole as the price of diesel and engine maintenance continue to rise and margins are continually squeezed. Together we must work to solve the chicken/egg dilemma and move toward plug-in technology.”

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